Police Chase Causes 3 Car Accident in Orlando

By: Admin

Another police chase results in a car crash that sends several innocent citizens to the hospital. While a helicopter was following a driver suspected of burglarizing an Orange County home, police officers were giving chase through downtown Orlando and through heavy traffic. When the suspect sped into the intersection of Orange Avenue and Colonial Drive, he crashed into a jeep totaling both vehicles. The driver of the jeep was badly injured as the impact was into the drivers door. There were also two dogs in the Jeep that jumped from the car and ran. The dogs were eventually located and were not seriously injured.
This type of accident is a perfect reason why you need to carry Uninsured Motorist coverage on your car. The driver of the Jeep could sue the police for chasing the
suspect as it is likely a violation of police policies as chases like this clearly endanger
the lives of innocent citizens, just like it did in this accident. We have won a jury
verdict for the death of a young man because of a police chase. However, by laws
passed by our legislature police departments never have to pay more than $200,000
for causing an accident even if the medical bills and lost wages total over $200,000.
And the police departments rarely ever pay any money without forcing the victim to
go to trial. The police refuse to admit they are ever wrong and will spend thousands
and thousands of taxpayer dollars to defend the case.
Protect yourself and buy Uninsured Motorist coverage and buy as much as you can afford.
If think you have been a victim of negligence or of a wrongful police chase, call us at Wieland, Hilado & DeLattre, 407-841-7699 or visit our website at WhenJusticeMatters.com


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