Orange County Woman Swerves To Miss A Cat Crashes Car Into House

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A cat roaming loose ran out into the roadway causing a woman to swerve and lose control. She crashed into a neighbors house. Accidents like this can cause the owner of the animal to be responsible for all damages. Florida law places strict liability on owners of dogs and cats. This means that if your dog or cat causes an accident you could have to pay. This includes bites, scratches or any other way your pet caused the accident. If your dog runs into your neighbors ladder knocking him off and sending him to the hospital, you could be responsible to pay thousands of dollars to your neighbor. Some homeowners insurance policies will pay for the damages, but many won’t. Check your policy or call your agent to make sure your policy protects you and any damages that may be caused by your pet. If you have been injured by someone’s pet, we would be happy to speak with you and answer any questions you may have. We will also be happy to review your policy and tell you if you are protected should your pet hurt someone. Consultations are FREE. Wieland, Hilado & DeLattre, P.A. 407-841-7699


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