Bakery Worker Gets Arm Caught In Mixer

By: Admin

Young bakery worker’s arm was caught in a larger industrial mixer. He was lucky that it did not twist and rip his arm off. We handled an identical case and pursued a products liability claim as well as a claim against the employer who had failed to properly maintain the machine. These accidents should never occur if the equipment has the proper safety elements and are properly maintained. However many employers don’t spend the money to maintain the equipment because they are trying to maximize profits which puts the safety of the worker at risk. With the limited benefits available under workers compensation, workers have now become expendable and replaceable. It is sad but true. If you have questions about your rights, we will answer them. Initial consultations are always FREE. Call for an appointment. 407-841-7699.


Al Hilado won my SSDI case for me. They helped me during a time that my life was really hard. I am so thankful to be receiving help now from Social Security. I would highly recommend Al as your Lawyer to win your case.

– Hiram

I would like to let you know that all the work and assistance you have given me through this legal process is very much appreciated. I want to thank you and your firm for helping me through a difficult time.

– Marc B.