Bakery Worker Gets Arm Caught In Mixer

By: Admin

Young bakery worker’s arm was caught in a larger industrial mixer. He was lucky that it did not twist and rip his arm off. We handled an identical case and pursued a products liability claim as well as a claim against the employer who had failed to properly maintain the machine. These accidents should never occur if the equipment has the proper safety elements and are properly maintained. However many employers don’t spend the money to maintain the equipment because they are trying to maximize profits which puts the safety of the worker at risk. With the limited benefits available under workers compensation, workers have now become expendable and replaceable. It is sad but true. If you have questions about your rights, we will answer them. Initial consultations are always FREE. Call for an appointment. 407-841-7699.


Thank you for all the help through the years. We’d have been up the creek without a paddle if not for you. We really appreciate everything you’ve done for us. We hope you and your business continue to be a big help to the unknowing public, and continue to thrive. If we can help you in any way, please let us know!

P.S. We’ll continue to send people your way.

– Ken

Attorneys you can trust. My daughter was in an automobile accident several months ago. She was really hurt and being only 19 really didn’t know how to take up for herself with regards to the other persons insurance company. They continued to call her and pressure her to accept their offer. Having known Glen Wieland for some time, I recommended that she contact his firm. What good advice that has turned out to be. They have watched out for her and made sure that she receives the medical attention that she needs. I feel so much better knowing that she is being properly represented.

– Alice Bailey