Dangers of Riding a Bicycle Without a Helmet

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Recently there was another Central Florida accident involving a bicycle and a car. This time it was a young girl who was just learning to ride a bike. She was hit by a car that was attempting to pass her. Apparently she was not an experienced bike rider and had wobbled into the path of the vehicle. Unfortunately, she was not wearing a helmet and has some significant injuries as reported by the Orlando Sentinel. Central Florida is one of the most dangerous places to ride a bicycle. Typically, when cars are passing they do not give enough room between the cyclist and the car. Central Florida is in the process of building bike lanes, but there are not nearly enough and the cyclists are forced to share the road with cars. In an accident, the car will always win and the cyclist is at severe risk of injury or death. Because of the dangers involved, wearing a helmet is a necessity in Central Florida. The helmet may mess up your hair but the asphalt will damage your brain. Wieland, Hilado & DeLattre can help answer questions regarding accidents. Call us today. (407) 841-7699


I would like to let you know that all the work and assistance you have given me through this legal process is very much appreciated. I want to thank you and your firm for helping me through a difficult time.

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Al Hilado was successful in winning my very difficult case. He was very approachable the entire length of the case. It took over 2 years. He and his staff kept me up to date and whenever I had a question he was very easy to reach by phone or email. I am very grateful to him as he has helped my family tremendously. I will absolutely contact him again if I ever need help in the future.

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