Central Florida Bicyclist Hit By Car, Brain Damage and No Witness Came Forward

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Presently in our society it is almost acceptable to witness a crime and do nothing about it. Whether it is a criminal offense such as a robbery or a civil offense that violates someone’s rights, people today will do their best to ignore the situation if it could change their plans by even the slightest bit. Our duty as citizens is to protect our neighbor whenever possible and to report those who have violated the law. This problem we are facing is shown in the recent accident in Holly Hills, FL where a vehicle struck a bicyclist around 9 p.m. yet there is no description of the vehicle and no one has stepped forward as a witness.
We should all do whatever we can to help others if we witness any accident. We should stay at the scene because even the slightest bit of information you may be able to give can help the police in the investigation. If you were the one injured, you would certainly appreciate witnesses coming forward to help you. Most people have the mentality that, “If I don’t stop to give my statement someone else will, and I am too busy to get involved.” But this could lead to no one stopping and leave the victim of the accident without necessary evidence to prove his or her case. If you are involved in an accident do your best to get others to give their statement to help prove the cause of the accident. The attorneys at Wieland, Hilado & DeLattre have been working for years to make sure the victims of car accidents receive their proper benefits and have seen the importance of how much even one witness statement can mean to their clients’ cases. For more information visit our website at www.WhenJusticeMatters.com or by calling our office at 407-841-7699.



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