Orlando Driver Leaves Scene of Car Accident on 417

By: Admin

Leaving the scene of accident is a crime. A true test of character is to do the right thing and help those who are injured in an accident. On the 417 in Orlando a car accident happened yesterday around 12:30 AM when a truck driving south on SR 417 ended up flipping over the side barrier killing one person and injuring two others. Witnesses say they saw another car speed off when the accident occurred and that car may have made contact before the truck struck the guardrail. This person caused the accident and fled the car accident scene. Since there were injuries, this is a felony.
Since the driver who caused this car accident in Orange County left the scene, he is considered an uninsured driver. If the person who was injured carries Uninsured Motorist coverage, he will be protected. Many accidents that happen after 11pm at night are caused by drivers who do not have insurance. That is why everyone should have Uninsured Motorists coverage, because you never when you may be involved in an accident and if the other driver has insurance. The attorneys at Wieland, Hilado & DeLattre are here to help you deal with the problems from accidents of any nature. We are happy to tell you what benefits you are entitled to and help you understand what is actually covered under each particular policy. For more information visit our website at www.WhenJusticeMatters.com or by calling our office at 407-841-7699.



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I can’t thank you enough for all you have done to help Kim and I through all the suffering and hard times. Thank you for being there and helping me with all my emotions. I have learned a lot from you and will dearly miss talking to you. You are a strong and brilliant person and know “the law.” I’m so happy we had you on our side for all those years (2003-2016). I will never forget you. God bless you and we will pass on more clients to you.

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