Dangerous Driving in Central Florida

By: Admin

With Orange County having some of the busiest roads in the United States and I-4 being ranked the 3rd most deadly road, it is almost impossible for Orlando residents to know who is on the road with them. From tourists driving without any knowledge of our roads to illegal aliens to people with suspended licenses, the diversity of drivers on our Orlando highways and roads is vast. A great example of this is the arrest made on I-4 by the State Road 408 exit is the man who was caught participating in road rage and later found to have over $100,000 cash and possession of illegal drugs to sell. With people like this driving with us everyday it is important for all Floridians to realize how dangerous our roads can be and know the steps to try to avoid any tragedies. Most of these drivers do not have any insurance so it is extremely important for all of us to carry Uninsured Motorist insurance.
Driving defensively is a concept taught in almost every driver’s education class. We must remember what we learned and use it every day to protect ourselves and our families from car accidents here in Central Florida. With all of the dangerous and distracted drivers out there it is necessary for all who live in Orlando to plan for the worst while driving on our roads. However sometimes car accidents can’t be avoided so it is important for all to be protected and to know what our rights in all different types of situations. Insurance companies hire and train their employees to know the laws. You should hire an attorney who can answer your questions and protect your family. The attorneys at Wieland, Hilado & DeLattre have seen all types of cases and will be happy to answer your questions. Your first consultation is always free. For more information visit our website at www.WhenJusticeMatters.com or by calling our office at 407-841-7699.



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